Top-5 Security Vulnerabilities in Corporate Travel Products

With business travel adapting to a pandemic new normal, cybersecurity attacks have become much more sophisticated and more damaging. What security vulnerabilities can affect the corporate travel industry the most? How to prevent security incidents? In our article we will explore the most common security gaps within travel management companies and the recommendations on how to avoid them.

Nowadays, cybersecurity vulnerabilities pose a serious concern for corporate travel. The explanation for this trend is simple: travel management companies accumulate lots of sensitive data on their customers, including unique personally identifiable information (PII), payment details, document numbers and credentials, etc. All this information may be potentially exploited by malefactors or sold on the dark web.

It is no surprise that more and more travel management companies (TMC) work on strengthening their security postures and look for steps that could help them avoid reputational damage and financial losses possible in a case of a cyber-attack.

Over the last two years, DataArt’s Security team has performed multiple penetration tests for the business travel sector. Learn the most common security vulnerabilities related to the corporate travel and the tips on how to prevent them by viewing the infographic below.

Common Security Vulnerabilities for Corporate Travel

All in all, we see that there is a need for the corporate travel companies to follow a standard set of security testing activities that include secure code review, pentests, and infrastructure audit. Regular security checkups are a valuable measure to find security breaches before an attacker can exploit them. DataArt’s cybersecurity experts have participated in hundreds security testing projects for businesses of all sizes across the UK, Europe, and the USA. You can entrust your Security Testing projects to us.

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