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  • Virtual Reality Pop

    Virtual Reality Pop

    The #1 Place to Learn About Virtual Reality. Edited by @HelenSitu.

  • Igor Bobriakov

    Igor Bobriakov

    Data Scientist and Entrepreneur, Founder of Data Science School & Machine Learning for Startups → activewizards.com

  • Igor Kaufman

    Igor Kaufman

    ex-Head of AI, DataArt. Innovation and engineering management. Open for opportunities!

  • Karl Fowlkes

    Karl Fowlkes

    Entertainment Attorney l Music Industry Professor at Drexel U, Hip-Hop Professor at Rowan U l Newsletter l Email: kfowlkes@elawandbusiness.com

  • Scott Belsky

    Scott Belsky

    founder @Behance, cpo @Adobe, early stage investor and product obsessive; author of Making Ideas Happen and The Messy Middle. http://scottbelsky.com

  • Raymon


    Product/UX designer. Urban planning & transportation enthusiast. Recording artist (ok, not really).

  • Doron Fagelson

    Doron Fagelson

    Doron Fagelson is an Engagement Manager in the Media and Entertainment Practice at DataArt.

  • Max Kalmykov

    Max Kalmykov

    VP, Media & Entertainment at DataArt. Tech enthusiast from New York.

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