According to a recent poll by Travel Technology Europe, legacy systems are the biggest barrier to digital transformation and modernization within the travel industry. Around half of travel professionals, representing travel technology companies, tour operators, hoteliers and TMCs, put legacy technology on top of the list of obstacles to transformation.

Before the pandemic, companies were functioning under a ‘legacy on premise technology’ arrangement, hesitant to make large investments in cloud adoption due to concerns about cost, time, and security. But in a post-pandemic world, the travel industry must adapt quickly to survive and thrive. Furthermore, the travel industry is converging…

The article was originally published in Open EdX blog.

For much of human history, knowledge was mostly shared orally in stories and folklore. One group taught another, parents taught children, teachers taught pupils, and peers taught peers. Remarkably, centuries after the invention of the printing press, humans still share knowledge orally even when oral knowledge transfer is far from optimal. A case in point is collective corporate knowledge sharing when onboarding a new employee.

Collective Team Knowledge Is a Valuable Corporate Asset

Collective team knowledge is the process- and/or technology-based competence and culture of an organization, consciously possessed and consistently followed by a group of people. This organizational…

With business travel adapting to a pandemic new normal, cybersecurity attacks have become much more sophisticated and more damaging. What security vulnerabilities can affect the corporate travel industry the most? How to prevent security incidents? In our article we will explore the most common security gaps within travel management companies and the recommendations on how to avoid them.

Nowadays, cybersecurity vulnerabilities pose a serious concern for corporate travel. The explanation for this trend is simple: travel management companies accumulate lots of sensitive data on their customers, including unique personally identifiable information (PII), payment details, document numbers and credentials, etc. …

The Lifecycle of a Software Being

The life cycle of a digital data platform is surprisingly humanlike. It is “born” (designed and built), then it goes through “infanthood” while it is incrementally improved as per the desired business scenarios. The platform enters its golden age, or adolescence, when business users extract value from it. After a period of time, it gradually becomes obsolete: the system can no longer handle the workload and/or accommodate new data sources and use cases; it is cumbersome to add new functionality and difficult to hire and onboard staff to support it. Refactoring and band-aid patches could keep it up-and-running for some…

“People don’t want quarter-inch drill bits. They want quarter-inch holes,” the famous business adage goes. The same applies to a software system. Every software development project benefits from a person who understands the needs of potential users and translates them into technical terms. This person is in charge of business analysis.

Only one of many business stakeholders is looking for an AWS-hosted CRM system based on microservices architecture; the rest aim to improve business efficiency by reducing customer acquisition costs. Business stakeholders often plan high-level business goals and see software as just a means to an end. Technology-wise, the paths…

The art of business analysis lies at the intersection of understanding the goals of a business, its current state and processes, and the context of the industry. A BA pro can advise a business on how to use software and technologies to achieve a competitive advantage. In this article, we list several titles a person in charge of business analysis of a software product can hold.

What Do Business Analysts Do?

In most general terms, a business analyst is a person who bridges the gap between non-technical stakeholders and IT people in a team and translates the desired business logic of an application from “business”…

In anticipation of the post-Covid «touchless everything» trend, DataArt team developed two PoCs for using gesture recognition technologies in public spaces. It is reasonable and fairly cost-effective to equip all municipal devices with a similar technology after the pandemic.

Natural User Interfaces (NUI), which allow direct user interaction with a device via touch, gestures, or voice, have been the talk of the technology world for a few decades now. …

A recent market research report from Fortune Business Insights predicts that the video streaming market will reach $842 billion by 2027, while video conferencing will almost double by 2026, increasing from $3 billion to over $6 billion. Expectations of massive growth for streaming do not come as a surprise considering the plethora of new streaming services entering the market in 2020.

The Video Distribution Problem

To meet this increase in demand and find the best ways possible to distribute and deliver video content, many companies are experimenting with alternative streaming options. Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are great options, but some prefer to have…

The financial services sector is undergoing a massive transformation, and one area which is reporting accelerated growth is payment systems. We are currently witnessing a groundswell of convenient alternative payment systems, such as open banking, distributed ledger tools, e-wallets, Apple Pay, Yandex, mobile payments, and prepaid cards.

These payment models owe their sudden popularity to their convenience, speed and easy functionality. Furthermore, they cater to customers’ global needs, allowing users to make purchases online, as well as send, receive, and withdraw money, all within a short time frame.

To understand the way this market is adapting, let’s take a look…

Learn cloud security fundamentals, explore popular benchmarks, learn how to protect different types of services, automate cloud compliance checks, and enhance operational security.

About the Webinar:

During the Сloud Security Fundamentals webinar, DataArt’s experts delved into the aspects of shared responsibility in cloud security and compliance check automation. They reviewed the popular benchmarks such as TrendMicro and CloudSploit, shared the approaches to identity and access management hardening, and much more.

In this cloud security tutorial, get insight on:

— Key differences in security requirements for on-prem and cloud security architecture

— Your duties keeping the cloud resources safe as…


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