Сloud Security Fundamentals: Infrastructure Hardening and Cloud Computing Security

Learn cloud security fundamentals, explore popular benchmarks, learn how to protect different types of services, automate cloud compliance checks, and enhance operational security.

About the Webinar:

During the Сloud Security Fundamentals webinar, DataArt’s experts delved into the aspects of shared responsibility in cloud security and compliance check automation. They reviewed the popular benchmarks such as TrendMicro and CloudSploit, shared the approaches to identity and access management hardening, and much more.

In this cloud security tutorial, get insight on:

— Key differences in security requirements for on-prem and cloud security architecture

— Your duties keeping the cloud resources safe as a part of responsibility shared with the cloud provider

— Cloud infrastructure hardening methods and ultimate cloud security goals

— Popular security auditing benchmarks and tools, and how to adapt them to achieve your desired security level

— Installing software updates and vulnerability management after migrating to the cloud